HSSE Policy

KPI Safety, Security, Health and Environmental Policy and Commitment

Kuwait Petroleum International refines and markets fuels, lubricants and other petroleum derivatives in several European countries and operates in a number of airports across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. Our priorities are the Safety, Security and Health of our employees and stakeholders and the protection of the Environment, and in operating our business responsibly we will seek to ensure that measures appropriate to the nature and scale of our activities, products, processes and services are in place in order to minimise their potential SSHE impact.

Leadership accountability for performance is fundamental to our SSHE Management System. The actions of our people, the excellence of our processes and respect for our stakeholders will visibly demonstrate the commitment of KPI to the Responsible Care2 principles and world class SSHE performance.

KPI Corporate Officers, Managing Directors and Managers will demonstrate and encourage commitment to create a culture where SSHE and the Responsible Care principles are the responsibility of all employees. To achieve this KPI will:

Meet the Aims and Expectations in the SSHE Management System, which is designed as a fully documented approach to managing SSHE as critical business activities.
• Assign SSHE and Responsible Care responsibility and accountability at all levels in the organisation. Managers and Supervisors will lead by example.
• Provide our employees with the skills required to sustain the KPI SSHE Management System and through education and research, consistently introduce new best practice initiatives to prevent incidents and continually improve SSHE performance.
• Develop a motivated and committed workforce and enhance the overall SSHE culture by involving employees at all levels in SSHEMS initiatives.
• Promote pollution prevention, resource conservation, GHG emissions management, the development of less environmentally hazardous products across their lifecycle and the design and operation of safe, secure and environmentally sound facilities.
• Set objectives and targets to ensure continuous improvement and measure our SSHE performance against the targets.
• Require our business partners and contractors to apply robust and sustainable SSHE standards that are compatible with our own.
• Comply with the regulations, laws and other requirements of the countries in which we operate and adopt high standards where such laws do not exist.
• Proactively identify hazards from our current and future operations and products and put in place measures to monitor and control the associated risks.
• Identify and proactively engage with relevant stakeholders including governmental organizations and agencies, industry peers, our supply-chain, the communities in which we operate and our staff in relation to our SSHE programmes and performance. Demonstrate openness and transparency by the provision of mechanisms to ensure relevant SSHE information is communicated to stakeholders.

Corporate Officers and the Managing Directors of all KPI Operating Units will lead by example and commit to embedding a SSHE culture consistent with Responsible Care principles across KPI.


In doing so, Corporate Officers and Managing Directors will proactively support activities which will encourage the safe behaviour of every individual working for or on behalf of the organisation.

We believe that excellent SSHE performance is an integral part of our business and will work to achieve and sustain a consistently superior level of performance, aspire to achieve world-class standards, and actively implement initiatives that help secure a sustainable future.

The policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure that it continues to meet the requirements of our business.

Bakheet Al-Rashidi

President & CEO Kuwait Petroleum International



2Responsible Care is the American Chemistry Council's (ACC’s) comprehensive health, safety, security and environmental performance improvement initiative. ACC member and Responsible Care Partner companies implement Responsible Care to effectively manage their operations and products and respond to stakeholder concerns.