Being innovative above expectations

Continuous improvement to stay ahead of the market

Maintaining our values is a key priority for IDS. With new developments and innovative solutions, we are continuously striving to improve our performance and stay connected to the needs of our customers. This guarantees our customers a reliable and professional business partner in fuelling.


Security Innovations

IDS has always been at the forefront when it comes to security solutions. With fuel being such a crucial part of the expenses of transport companies, we feel that no risks should be taken with the security measures in that field. Full access at any time to an overview of your cards has turned out to be of utmost importance.

We were the first to offer an extensive customer card management environment and we have recently optimised it even further. The self-service iAccount provides full access to manage and control all cards. Card (un) blocking, weekend blocking, setting card limits, and viewing the transactions of all cards can be done at any time to ensure a safe and controlled fleet throughout Europe.

Contactless chip fuel card

A fuel card is a credit card and should be handled with the same care as a credit card. We feel that only bank-like card security standards are safe enough when you want to be sure that your cards are well protected against fraud and misuse. Therefore all our cards are updated with the most accurate contactless RFID chip, rather than magnetic strip technology. This brings our fuel cards to the same level of security, and even beyond, as most bank cards. Because of this IDS market-leading fuel card security, you are assured of the lowest risk of fraud. We guarantee safe transactions and full control of your fuel cards.

Real time authorizations

While it sounds obvious to have a fuel card authorisation before the transaction is approved, unfortunately this is not always the case on the current fuel card market. IDS was the first to offer real-time authorisation to ensure that unauthorised cards could not be used and unauthorised transactions could never take place. That is why, for many years, IDS customers have not been affected by fraud due to unauthorised cards being used on our network. The real-time communication between the terminal, server and iAccount leaves customers in full control of the behaviour of their cards.

More innovations

The freight forwarder model, developed by IDS, is a unique system created to meet the requirements of those large transport companies subcontracting part of their activities to other smaller hauliers and wanting to provide those hauliers with a fuel card.