Who is IDS?

Part of one of the world’s largest integrated oil concerns

IDS is one of Europe’s leading fuel-card suppliers offering a complete set of products and services for international transport companies. IDS is a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, one of the world’s largest integrated oil conglomerates.

Meet IDS

International Diesel Service (IDS) is a business dedicated to the fuelling needs of long-haul and international road transport companies. With competitively priced and strategically placed filling stations, IDS covers all major road routes in Europe. It offers customers market-leading security & control solutions for fuel transactions to protect the main expense line of transport companies. The high-quality product line and additional service pack make IDS one of Europe’s leading fuel-card suppliers.

In addition, IDS is committed to maintaining its values in any new developments and activities. Besides meeting world-class standards in corporate social responsibility and quality, we are continuously striving to improve our performance with innovative solutions. To have the best understanding of the needs and expectations in the field of fuel-card services, we are in constant dialogue with customers. To provide our customers with what they need, IDS is developing new serviceable ways to ensure that doing business with IDS stays easy, fast and satisfying.

Q8 Retail station

Kuwait Petroleum

IDS (International Diesel service) is a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation dedicated to trucks.  Kuwait Petroleum Corporation is one of the world’s largest integrated oil concerns. The roots of the company are in Kuwait, a region that contains 75% of the world’s oil reserves. Kuwait boasts the world’s third largest oil reserves.

In Europe, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation is active in various domains: research, blending, marketing, sales, logistics concerning oil products. Since 1986, the products have been sold under the brand of Q8.

Q8 Oils

Other Q8 activities in Europe

KPIL (Kuwait Petroleum International Lubricants)

KPIL develops, manufactures and markets automotive and industrial lubricants, satisfying the needs of customers in a wide range of market sectors. With its main office in Antwerp, the strategic approach is based on innovation. With five production units across Europe, it is a prominent player on the international lubricants market.

Q8 Fleet Cards

Whether a large or small fleet, whether cars or commercial vehicles, Kuwait Petroleum offers a variety of fuel cards suitable for any fleet. These fuel cards for professional use can be used throughout the dense local networks and managed via a card control tool. In addition, customers in the Benelux can choose a Q8 Mobility card with various kinds of integrated mobility services. 

Q8 Aviation

Q8 Aviation

As the specialised aviation subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum, Q8 Aviation offers customers a secure fuel supply that stretches from wellhead to wing tip, providing on-airport fuelling services at many key international and regional airports, and providing specialist technical and marketing consultancy services to clients across the globe.

Retail Service Stations

Kuwait Petroleum has a European Q8 network of more than 4,400 branded service stations extending across Europe and in Scandinavia as the OKQ8 joint venture. The expectations of today’s customers exceed the regular lifting activity. Q8 is at the forefront of developing forecourt retailing and constantly seeks to expand the range of goods and services offered at Q8 service stations for motorists and local communities.

The service that we purchase from IDS is solid, reliable and efficient
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