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Secure and fast fuelling for trucks driving throughout Europe

Get the best secured fuel card on the market for your truck fleet too! IDS offers you contactless fuel cards with RFID chips and a PIN code, real-time card authorisation, 24/7 free and full online control of your fuel card, separate truck and driver cards, etc.

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No matter how large your fleet is, we always offer the best solutions!

  • Contactless chip fuel card
  • Competitive prices  
  • Multilingual customer service and helpline
  • Full-control card platform
  • Attractive payment terms
  • Truck and driver cards

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IDS security in a nutshell

IDS offers the best fuel card security on the market. From our most secure cards and safest sites to our card-control platform iAccount and dedicated security team.

Watch our video and find out how we ensure the lowest risk of fraud.

I have worked with IDS for a number of years and always found their product and service extremely good
Michael Ainger
Abbey Road Haulage, owner

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