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Its easy doing business with IDS. We can even help avoid unnecessary paperwork or administration, and take care of your VAT deduction and tolls. To ensure the best quality and expertise, we have selected specialists in their field and partnered with them.

Additional services

Invoices Net of VAT

Who wouldn’t like to spend more time on their core business than on unnecessary paperwork or administration? IDS can offer global administrative assistance and the fast and effective recovery of excise duties and foreign VAT in European countries, as well as a number of countries outside the EU.

We feel this speciality  is best handled by experts in the field, so IDS has an excellent partner in BHI to provide this service. BHI is a true professional in this area, thanks to an in-depth knowledge of national regulations; long-term experience, and well-established relationships with tax authorities.

For more information on this NOVI service, or for an offer based on your specific situation, IDS would be happy to contact you.


Tolling service

The European toll network has grown significantly in recent years, resulting in a rapid change in the terms of use and constantly developing technology. Forecasts predict that this will continue in the years to come, with the introduction of new tolls and taxes, and the path to equipment interoperability. To make sure IDS can offer you the best service, we have partnered with Plose.

Plose supply solutions have always been and will always be at the forefront of technology, economic arrangements and customer support. IDS customers will be able to arrange payment for motorway tolls across Europe through the services that Plose offers. Their expertise in the field of toll delivery is market leading, offering customers the best available quality and value proposal on the market:

  • Customised solutions, embracing the European toll and taxes infrastructure network
  • Advanced technology in equipment, IT and online facilities
  • The best and transparent economic conditions,
  • Professional, dynamic and customer oriented staff

For more information on this, or for an offer based on your specific situation, IDS would be happy to contact you.

We have been a customer since September 1999. What was important to us was the VAT-free invoicing abroad.
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